Mastung: Walk Organized to Spread Awareness about Water

Mastung: A walk was organized by Public Health Engineering (PHE) to raise awareness about conservation of water in district Mastung, on Wednesday.
Awareness raising walk was a part of campaign started by PHE department that would continue from 16th march to 24th March.
Walk started from town Committee hall and ended at Mastung Press Club. Government Officers, Political Community and members of civil society attended the walk.
Walk was led by Executive Engineer (XEn) of PHE, Imtiaz Ahmad Baloch.
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Speaking at the end of walk, Mr. Baloch said that “water is a gift of God and people should not waste it.”
He added, “Wasting water would result in severe consequences for the future generations.”
XEn PHE was of the view that Mastung was facing severe drought due to shortage of water which would be controlled due to heavy rainfall in last few days.
At the end of the walk, Mr. Baloch requested people of Mastung to conserve water to save the future of the district.
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