Plight of Women in Balochistan

Abdul Qadeer Hassani
Women are treated as animals and servants in the rural areas of Balochistan as of pre-Islamic age’s women. Several restrictions have been imposed on the girls and are left to decay in the house. No girl can go to college and university even if she is very intelligent, if she requests her family in this respect, she will for sure be snubbed and will be left to do domestic jobs. If a spinster dares to go to educational institutions in order to get herself rejuvenated with the help of education, learn something about her rights and privileges, create some alluring juncture in her monotonous life and do plan for her future and career, she will surely be named as a prostitute in the society because she has received the knowledge about her rights, responsibilities, obligations and position and opposes discrimination, maltreatment and superiority of opposite sex over them, which is their right. Such a girl will have to sit as a spinster till her last breath because the (highly educated) religious clerics have issued a verdict that girl education is taboo and is a conspiracy of west. No boy then dares to send a marriage proposal for her.
On the other hand, when a boy goes to college and university, his status quo will soar to the pinnacle in the society. He will secure the overall privileges to spend a glorious life with all the facilities. Everyone will assume him as a good boy and even he will apprehend the title of Sir.
Anyhow, Discrimination is however rampant in the world of today, but here prejudice has reached another level. The education is only taboo for the daughters and sisters of poor people, the daughters and sisters of elite class are studying in the top colleges and universities. It is surely a matter of their existence because if the poor girls get education they will recognize the reality of them and then for sure denounce their decrees and then their verdicts will remain of no worth.

Education is only taboo for the daughters and sisters of poor people, daughters and sisters of elite class study in the top colleges and universities

In addition, when a marriage proposal comes for a girl, she will not be considered eligible enough to be asked for her consent. The monarchs of the family (parents) decide her fate. She is forced to spend her entire life with a man to whom she even doesn’t wish to talk. She merely does compromise with her life for the sake of her family’s honor. Anyhow she comes with a decision to do so, in the corner of her heart she creates a vacuum, which she fills with some slight dreams. She comes under the control of not only her husband but of father-in-law and mother-in-law as the like, who will treat her as their maiden, she is only there to wash their clothes, cook food for them, clean the house and look after their children. She however accepts all the commands happily with no complaints but when she desires and asks her husband for some recreation and shopping, she will get nothing except for miseries.
Likewise, a virgin in the rural areas of Balochistan has no privilege to earn for herself, she is tied with the aprons string of her husband’s economy. She has no right to use Mobile phone to talk to her family or friends or to be affiliated with social media like Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp as the like.
Nonetheless, the word “Love” is strictly prohibited for her. She cannot ask her parents to marry a boy of her choice, because her choice has nevertheless no worth before the decisions of family, even If she unintentionally uttered some such words before her family, she will for sure be hanged till death. On the other hand, a boy has full access to put his wish before his family; his desire will be given priority and will be brought under consideration.
Furthermore, a girl in the rural communities of Balochistan has to spend her entire life in two prisons as captive. First in her father’s house (before marriage) and then in her husband’s house (after marriage). She has no permission to visit her friends and seek some recreation. She is only a prisoner who is transferred into two prisons.

A girl in the rural Balochistan has to spend her entire life in two prisons as captive. First in her father’s house and then in her husband’s house

Nevertheless, I believe, if such restrictions are imposed on the boys, the overall society will lose its order and will be in a state of disorders. It is only the girl who endures the bans with no complaints. The girls of Balochistan have set a world record with their wide heartedness.
Regarding the girls education the founder of Pakistan precisely quoted, “If a boy gets education, he will educate the family but if a girl gets education she will educate the nation”
To conclude, By keeping girls away from education, we are losing an educated nation. By discriminating, we are violating the law of nature. By depriving them of their rights, we are denouncing the constitution of Pakistan. We are the culprits of God, Pakistan and ourselves.
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