National Party Spilt in Two Parts in Mastung

Deedag Baloch
Mastung: Dr. Abdul Hayee Baloch, former President of National Party (NP), has announced formation of new group in NP in Mastung District, on Sunday.
Dr. Hayee made this announcement while presiding a meeting of disgruntled leaders of NP at home of Mir Muhammad Iqbal Zehri in Mastung.
Mr. Hayee said that Mastung is just a beginning and ideological workers of NP would be brought together on single platform through out Balochistan to get rid of the opportunists who have hijacked the party.
It was decided in the meeting that first political gathering of new faction of NP will be held on 9th March to commemorate the anniversary of Jehangir Baloch. District secretariat of the party would be inaugurated on the same day.
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“Incumbent part leaders have brought NP on brink of devastation and they have clearly diverted from the party manifesto,” alleged former President of NP.
He further said that “NP has disappointed people in last two and half years.” He urged ideological workers to make efforts for success of the newly formed faction of NP.
In the meeting Saadullah Mengal was elected District organizer and Ghareen Shah Anjum was elected Deputy Organizer of the new faction of NP.
Nauroz Bangulzai, Adeel Ahmed Dehwar, Ejaz Ahmed Alizai, Shabbir Ahmed Khilji, Sardar Ahmed Barozai, Rafique Baloch and Malik Zaheer ahemd Khawjakhail were elected members of the district body of NP.
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