DigiMAP Commemorates International Day for Universal Access to Information

Islamabad — As the world observes the International Day for Universal Access to Information on September 28th, DigiMAP (Digital Media Alliance of Pakistan) reaffirms its commitment to the fundamental human right of access to information. This day underscores the pivotal role of media, including digital and electronic platforms, in providing open access to information for all citizens.
DigiMAP recognizes the extraordinary dedication and sacrifices of digital media journalists in Pakistan, who have tirelessly supported the cause of freedom of expression and the struggle for access to information. Their untiring commitment to these principles has been instrumental in advancing the cause of democracy and transparency in Pakistan.
The leadership of DigiMAP, including President Sabookh Syed and Secretary General Adnan Aamir, expressed their views on the occasion of the International Day for Universal Access to Information. They emphasize the importance of the proper implementation of relevant laws and regulations, ensuring the security and safety of journalists while accessing crucial information.
Additionally, DigiMAP remains committed to its mission to cultivate a thriving digital media ecosystem in Pakistan. This vision is supported by advocating for policies that safeguard and promote the growth of digital media, recognizing that digital media represents the future of journalism and communication.
President Sabookh Syed stated, “Everyone has the inherent right to seek, receive, and impart information, an integral facet of the right to freedom of expression. Digital media plays a fundamental role in disseminating vital information, and we are committed to advancing its growth and development in Pakistan.”
However, this year, DigiMAP aligns with UNESCO’s theme for the International Day for Universal Access to Information: “the importance of the online space for access to information.” This theme resonates with the digital era’s challenges and opportunities, highlighting the accessibility of information within the digital space.
DigiMAP invites all stakeholders, including media organizations, policymakers, and civil society, to join hands in advocating for a robust digital media landscape, where the right to access information is upheld, and the voices of journalists are safeguarded.
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