Mastung: Rampant Cheating in Intermediate Exams

Mastung: Rampant cheating is taking place in intermediate examinations in Mastung city, learnt Balochistan Voices.
Students are involved in cheating openly in the examination centers and there is no check and balance on them.
Reportedly, solved question papers of the exam are sold at different shops during the exam duration.
Students are actively involved in cheating during the exams using mobile phone and WhatsApp.
Helpers wait outside the centre with solved paper guides and as soon as the question paper reaches them, they tore out the relevant answers and send them to the students. The ‘couriers’ charges are in range of Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 per day for their work.
Board administration and vigilance teams are absent from the scene and allegedly teachers are also involved in helping their pupils in cheating.
“When children are sent to schools and colleges for education and are not provided proper guidance by teachers and parents then they end up cheating in exams,” said Muhammad Anwar a citizen of Mastung.
Many people were seen milling around the examination centers, mainly to provide ‘essential logistics’ for their candidates. There was little vigilance as papers and other materials were flowing inside to the candidate easily, learnt Balochistan Voices
“Students, who cheat in exam, may get good marks and pass the examination. However the standard of their education always remains zero,” lamented Shujah Baloch another resident of Mastung town.
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