Letter: Revamping Textbooks

It is an undeniable fact that there is a matter of great concern regarding matter of textbooks which are available in our schools and there needs to be massive attention to revamp the textbooks which contain hatred matter that fuel extremism.
Such kind of reading matter crosses the mind of younger generation and the hatred sentiment flourishes in them which turn them to be extremists.
It is unfortunate that in Pakistan which still is far from universal literacy, needs a great attention to revamp the matter of textbooks and implement a new policy of textbooks matter that should be free from controversial sentiments
Unfortunately we have three types of education systems; Government school education, private school education and Madrassah education and each have their own notions and sentiments.
Such classifications of education must be eradicated from the country and a single education system must be implemented which should be free from controversy.
Ahmed Korar – Naseerabad
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