Out of School Children

Munaj Gul Muhammad
Recently the Institute of Social and Policy Sciences presented a report saying Pakistan has the second highest number of out-of-school children in the world after Nigeria. Pakistan spends the lowest GDP on education in South Asia which is affecting the education system ominously.
Reportedly, the approximate number of out-of-school children in Pakistan is 25 million. Unfortunate to mention that Balochistan has the highest out of school children where 66 percent of school children are out of school, Sindh comes next with 51 percent, Punjab 47 percent, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 34 percent.
Here question arises that where these out of schoolchildren go? What do they do? How can we forget 25millon out schoolchildren? Who are the future of us and as well as the country.
Mostly these out of school children belong to poor class family that don’t have money to send their children to private school or colleges even though some of them doesn’t have three times of food to eat and live. The governmental schools are the only hope for the poor people but unfortunately, the condition of governmental schools is very pathetic to see. Where teachers are absent, building are broken, there is lack of course books, libraries, drinking water, electricity, chairs, roles and regulation and the ghost teachers are killing the all desires of children and leaving them into the lurch.
On the other hand, the corrupt leaders here to eat what they see and even they won’t think about the children who are out of schools whose dreams are being crushed out. VIP people are passing their lives luxuriously and the other people are being legged behind.
So, it’s requested from the Chief Minister of Balochistan to solve this pathetic problem which is spoiling our county’s future and as well destroying the bright futures of out of school children. The government of Pakistan needs to spend much of her GDP on education that can assist our country to be developed and successful.
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