Quetta to Taftan Highway: Lack of Basic Health facilities

Yahya Reki
Recently a horrible road accident took more than 7 lives on Quetta Taftan Highway. Incident took place round about 100 KM from district Headquarter Dalbandin at Gatt 72-Landi, when a coach collided with a trawler due to high speed. 9 passengers were also hurt badly in this horrifying incident. District administration rescued people and dead bodies from burnt coach.
There is lack of Basic health facilities and logistic services along with basic health facilities on way from Quetta to Taftan learnt Balochistan Voices.
Local People of Dalbandin told the Balochistan Voices that there is lack of basic health facilities on highway from Quetta to Taftan and often people die in such accidents due to delay in medical treatment. There are no emergency services in DHQ Dalbandin. This accident took place far from Yakmach, where also no health facility was available.
There are no facilities in district headquarter hospital Nushki and also in Dalbandin to deal with patients in an emergency cases. Local people are compelled to refer their patients to Quetta which is far more than 345 KM from Dalbandin. Lack of basic health facilities and Ambulance services causes increase in deaths in case of highway accidents.
Lack of infrastructure is also one of the biggest hurdles in Balochistan during journey. Balochistan Truck and goods owners association and Transport representatives often raised voice against bad condition of infrastructure and demolished roads in press release. Balochistan Transport Authority claims about improvement of journey but such incidents bust their big slogans.
People of Chagai demand from Government of Balochistan to take serious action against such issues. It is duty of government to improve condition of roads throughout Balochistan and specially this route is very valuable and needs development.
People said that there is no Motorway Police that’s why people drive very harshly and often such episodes took place. People also demanded to give ambulances for District Hospital Dalbandin and ensure emergency services for people.
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