Another explosion at Gaddani kills 5 workers

 Ayaz Khan
Hub: Another explosion at Gaddani ship-breaking yard claimed five lives. The workers were busy in their routinely dismantling work on a ship in the meanwhile an explosion occurred due to not properly discharging Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) from one of the corks of the ship on Monday.
Explosion occurred at 10:40 am in the morning sources confirmed to Balochistan Voices. In early rescue work only three bodies could be recovered which were said be perished badly and were beyond recognition. Sources have confirmed that the police had detained 3 persons after the incident including the owner of the plot, Mr. Rizwan Deewan Farooqi.
This is the third consecutive explosion which has claimed 5 lives alone. In November last year a massive explosion had claimed 28 lives of workers. However, after the explosion a fact finding team unrevealed that the death toll in November explosion was higher than the figures highlighted in media.
After the deadliest explosion in November, Balochistan government had enforced section 144 which halted the work on the yard for several months. However, later on the breaking yard appealed to the government to reconsider the decision of enforcing section 144 at yard which resulted in restoration of work.
It must be noted that the hazardous work at breaking yard has claimed numerous lives. The death toll from November 1st  explosion to date has reached to 33, though the figures remain controversial due to lack of proper evidences given to the media.
The Gaddani ship-breaking yard is the third largest breaking yard in the world after Bangladesh’s Chittagong and India’s Alang. The Gaddani breaking yard mostly receives oil tankers which further the hazards looming on the heads of already ill-equipped workers. In 2010, almost 10 workers had lost their lives in a similar incident. After every deadliest incident workers are placated with tall talks but they often seem helpless in the hands of looming hazards that fall upon them with incidents following one after other.
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