Surab: Shopkeepers Protest Against Non-payment Of Compensation On CPEC Route

Adil Nazeer Hassani
Surab: The shopkeepers of Gidar area of Surab protested against non-payment of compensation despite passing of one year, on Saturday.
Over 300 shops in Gidar area were demolished to make way for CPEC route and the shopkeepers were promised compensation over a year ago.
The peaceful protest was attended by businessmen, social and tribal leaders including Mir Mohammad Anwar Gurgunari, Mir Ali Akbar Gurgunari, Mir Ali Akbar Sanari, Mir Khalil Ahmed Gurgunari, Ameer Molana Mohammad Ismail Qumbarani, Mulana Mohammad Qasim, Hafiz Niaz Mohammad Mengal, Abdul Shakoor Mengal, Zaheer Ahmed Mengal, Ghulam Rasool Sanari, and Mumtaz Ahmed.
“We demand that compensation is paid to us immediately so we can start our business again,” lamented Mr.Khalil Ahmed Gurgunari.
The merchantmen associations of Gidar demanded from the government to ensure payment of the compensation immediately, alleging that the compensation is held by clusters centers and is not being paid to the shop owners.
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