English Language Debate Competition Applauded

Ayaz Khan
Hub: Member of Provincial Assembly Yasmeen Lehri applauded 11th English debate competition organised by The Hub English Language Academy in government boys’ school Hub here on Saturday. MPA Ms. Yasmeen Lehri was honoured as chief guest of the programme.
The Hub English Language Academy is said to be the trailblazer of the trend of English language debate in district Lasbela which is considered to be the most backward district in term of educational development.
Students from the Hub English Language Academy had to face the students from the Standard English Language Academy Bela, the guest participants, in their first debate competition. The ardent students set the stage on fire with their talent and language skills along with their analysing prowess on current issues.
The analysis power of the students on current affairs from a district that has always been kept on the peripheral priorities regarding educational development made the audience burst into cheer with each logical counter argument hurled by the students.
“Debating on current issues lies at the core of learning and brings students out of cramming culture which is the core factor that kills the merit,” said Bashir Ahmed Jamali, director of the Hub English Language Academy.
While commenting on the performance of the students at the end of programme, Ms. Yasmeen Lehri said that it was not the matter of talent scarcity in the province but it was the lack of opportunities which students of the province were faced with.
“Youth are neglected and responsible people are just stuck to fulfilling the wishes and whims of their own,” Ms. Yasmeen Lehri Lamented.
Ms. Yasmeen Lehri seemed gloomy while commenting on the lack of participation by females in healthy educational activities. She also stressed on educational and political awareness which, she believed, were the integral leading factors in the success of the province.
Ms. Yasmeen Lehri appreciated the efforts on behalf of the students for debating on issues such as Panama gate controversy, CSS and role of judiciary in Pakistan, which she believed was an arduous task and needed much efforts.
“Filling assemblies with intellectuals no matter poor or farmers will be the only panacea in order to heal the pains of masses,” she maintained.
The programme was concluded with the short remarks by invited guests including the mayor of Tehsil Municipal Corporation Hub (TMC), Mr. Rajab Ali Rind, social activist and councillor TMCH Mr. Usman Koh Baloch and district head of National Party Mr. Ghani Rind.
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