Domiciles of All Employees on Balochistan Quota to be Probed: NAB

Quetta: Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Justice (R) Javed Iqbal has asked Federal Secretary Establishment Division to present a report on the authenticity on domicile certificates of all employees required on the quota of Balochistan.
According to a press release issued on Thursday, Chairman NAB took notice of the issue of employment of people on Balochistan quota using bogus domicile certificates.
Secretary Establishment has also been asked by Chairman NAB to identify employees with bogus domiciles of Balochistan and also pin responsibility on people responsible for their recruitment.
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Chairman NAB also sought a report on the officers and employees recruited in the Federal Government departments under Aghaz e Haqooq Balochistan Package. Chairman NAB has specifically asked to be told that how many employees from Balochistan were recruited in the federal government under Aghaz e Haqooq Balochistan Package and how many announced vacancies are still unfulfilled.
The issue of bogus domiciles of Balochistan has been discussed in Senate many times in Past. Politicians of Balochistan maintain that fake domicile holders are taking jobs of Balochistan quota using bogus domiciles.
In September 2015, Then Chief Minister Dr. Malik Baloch, asked Federal Government to only appoint people on the quota of Balochistan after thorough scrutiny of their domicile certificates.
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