Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan Fails to Answer Extempore Questions at COP23

Bonn: Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan, Federal Minister for newly established Climate Change Ministry, failed to answer extempore questions about Climate Change during Conference of Parties – 23 (COP23), on Tuesday.
According to Express Tribune, Mushahid Ullah came with a written speech but the moderator of the event “Champions for Climate Action: The NDC Partnership” asked brief questions from the participants rather than allowing them time to read prepared speeches.
The question asked from Mushahid Ullah was about the importance of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) which are voluntary national plans to cut carbon emissions agreed by member countries in Paris Agreement of 2015.
Mushahid Ullah insisted on reading his prepared speech and read it despite the insistence of moderator to answer the question about NDCs.
According to reports, participants of the events which included heads from the Asian Development Bank and the Global Environment Facility, initially found it amusing, but it was nevertheless an extremely embarrassing moment for Pakistan with all the world watching.
Mushahid Ullah was severely criticized on social media for his failure at COP23:

Headed Photo Credit: Rina Saeed Khan
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