Book Review: The Adventure Capitalist

Anwar Noor Baloch
Conor Woodman is an Irish director, television presenter, author and public speaker. He was born in 1974 and he is an alumnus of The University of Manchester. In 2014, Woodman produced and directed his first feature documentary film, True Appaloosa. He authored two famous books. The adventure capitalist is his first book which was published in 2009 and the second book was published in 2014 under the title, unfair trade.
“The key to Sudan is mine. All I need to do is go to the Ministry of Movement to get the permission to go these places before I trade there. I must do this tomorrow, as it is now shut for today,” author writes on page 25. He wanted to trade camels in Sudan in the market, where camels are traded. He has disappointed once he came to know that, the camel market in El Obied is only held on Tuesday and Saturday.
The adventure capitalist is the first book of the author, and it is purely about traditional trading, where everything was face to face trade. The author wanted to go for a trip for the sake of business and traditional trade, but he had no money, and he only had to sell his house. He sold his house, finally and started his trip. In his entire journey he had one thing to proof that of his negotiation skills and bargaining to make better deal.
He traded Sudanese camels for Zambian coffee. He took the same coffee for South African red wine and then off to China to buy jade with the proceeds – he’ll return six months later with a lot of money, some new tricks and a whole raft of brilliant tall tales.
In The Adventure Capitalist, the author had suffered in dealing with different culture and legal complication as well. The language was one of the barriers for him; therefore he had to take one translator. Adnan was one of his translator and guide in Morocco. He met him at the airport. Osama was another translator in Sudan and guide.
“At the age, All I wanted better was to test theory – about understanding people better through trading with them and what an economist’s eye can tell you about the way the world works? So, I set myself a little challenge,” said by author.
The adventure capitalist can take the reader into different culture and for economists and salesmen it will be a wonderful experience as it teaches them different tricks of selling and negotiating. The author believes that economics can teach about relationship.
In all trips around, the author has experienced that, the world is not dominated by big business in the way he had thought. “Sure the big multinationals are making the big profits, but the majority of the world’s trade is the product of small businesses owned by guys like John and Dennis, like David Lu Caraig Shiel.” Author gives importance to small businesses, where individuals can make money too.
After reading this book someone will not only become a good negotiator but he or she will become a good trader as well.  The adventure capitalist is one of the books which tell the readers about new trick of trade and economics.
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