Balochistan Police Received 6 Custom-Made Armored Personnel Vehicles from U.S Government

Karachi: U.S Consul General in Karachi, Grace Shelton, officially handed over six custom-made armored personnel vehicles (APVs) to the Balochistan police officials at an event in Karachi, on Wednesday.
The Vehicles are worth 150 million rupees ($1.5 million USD) and were built by the American company Lenco and were designed specifically for the rough terrain of Balochistan and easy maintenance locally.
In addition to the APVs, the United States recently donated 4,000 bullet resistant vests, mine and explosives detectors, bomb suits, and bomb blankets.  The total donation was in excess of $7 million USD.
Speaking at the event the Consul General said, “The recent targeted killings of Balochistan police officers shows just how dangerous policing can be in Balochistan and how we cannot rest in determining ways to keep law enforcement officers safe. The United States Government hopes these vehicles and the other protective equipment can help protect these brave officers while they continue to fight crime and terrorism.”
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