Balochistan Needs to do More for Child Protection

Quetta: Child Protection system in Balochistan is not working properly. Child protection act was promulgated in November 2016, since then implementation is the question mark, which makes Balochistan children vulnerable. Zainab case has once again shown the worst face of the society, which is now a nightmare for all parents, afraid about their children future.
According to a report, 156 cases of abuse with children were reported in the year 2017.
Zainab murder incident has created a horrible atmosphere in Balochistan, said Tahir Mehmood Provincial Minister Education Balochistan while talking to a TV channel. “We will add topics about sexual harassment in the curriculum. If we will not take action to stop such activities than it will be very difficult in future. I will take this issue in Balochistan cabinet meeting. I wish to discuss it with social, political leaders and civil society to take their advice.”
Shocking News again appeared in News, I always feel deep emotions while seeing any child being abused said Mir Behram Lehri while talking to Balochistan Voices.  “Once again news coming from Kasur [Punjab] about Rape and Murder of innocent Girl Zainab, we did not forget the Child Pornographic Scandal and raising our voice but never thought about same place Child abuse will happened, but unfortunately now it is reality that we have lost our little fairy. I never imagine that this kinds of curel act would be happening in any Islamic state, we have our rich religion and culture, always in proude to quote this on broad, but now it is shame and disgusting for me to know on regular basis that Child abuse is happening and even we have made it our profession, some people by intentionally doing it, which is big question mark on our State role about child protection initiatives.”
It is responsibility of Parents to know about the issues of Child protection and empower their self on subject, further start teaching children and about Child protection, which is necessary. It is also responsibility of Civil society to start awareness campaigns rigorously to sensitize community to avoid such kinds of cases, further it is responsibility of state to develop child protection mechanism as soon as possible to respond quickly in case any Child is missing, information should be disseminated on all Media to recover child.
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