Protesting Students Faced Police Brutality in Quetta

Yasmeen Baloch
After 13 days of protest, the issue of Bolan Medical College and Higher Education Commission (HEC) changed into a calamity. When CM of Balochistan came to protest on the second day, he promised the students to solve the issue within two days hours but he didn’t fulfill his promise and students decided to take out a peaceful rally to CM house and as usual in order to bring revolution in educational system many students participated in the rally.
Likewise, medical students in Quetta stood up for their rights and sat in front of press club and raised slogans for justice.They had no leadership except themselves. They had no one to motivate them except their own speeches. They were very peaceful but the government threatened them to death.
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When no one gave them coverage, no one listened to them, they devised to take out a peaceful rally. The police department denounced the decision and didn’t consent to their plan. They promised for a peaceful rally but they were being threatened. When they all stood up for the rally, so police united their force to stop them with sticks and guns. Students had a high spirit so they went forward and continued their struggle. A massive crowd of students was seen on roads including girls and boys. Girls were leading first and boys were behind, as they reached GPO Chowk, they were attacked with the baton charge and tear gas shelling, with this the students dispersed and rescued the girls. Their mobiles were snatched and videos were deleted. Many students were injured, girls fainted over there because they became the victim first. Some students were arrested who were; Shahzaib, Naheed, Ameer Ayaz, Jamal, and Aurangzeb was hit by a stick on his hand and his arm was fractured badly.
They were dragged to a van when girls started questioning so police misbehaved with them. They were beaten, dragged on roads. After this whole thrashing, students decided to sit on the roads and block the ways. After a while, AC reached their and told some students to come to the office of DC to negotiate. After negotiations students were told to go to press club again if they do so then their friends will be free from prison.
After half an hour they were released but some questions need to be answered by government that;
Why were they stopped from taking out a peaceful rally?
Why were they tortured and beaten?
Why there is too much delay in reconducting the test with fair means?
Students have said their protest is still continued and they will bring teachers and start studying outside press club till they are not given justice.
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