Social Change through Social Media: 8th Annual Workshop of Quetta Online Held

Yahya Reki
Quetta: 8th Annual session of Quetta Online volunteers group was held in Quetta, on Saturday. People from different walks of life attended the workshop, which took place at Boy’s Scouts Hall in Quetta.
Zia Khan addressing the workshop
Zia Khan, the founder of Quetta Online, said that He started Quetta Online in 2009 after failing in volunteerism for 25 times. He explained to the participants that how Quetta Online and its sister chapters have been working for social change for last 10 years, “Today I am not alone and have a team of motivated volunteers who are contributing for social change,” He said.

Today I am not alone and have a team of motivated volunteers who are contributing to social change – Zia Khan

Sana Durrani, belonging to Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), said that Quetta Online Volunteers are the real heroes of the nation. “They do not complain from Government and do their best for the society free of cost,” she said while addressing the participants.
Inayat Sarparrah presented the annual report of Quetta Online at the workshop. “Quetta Online and its sister chapters have arranged events about blood donation, tree plantation, skills donation, campaigning with specially-abled people among others,” He told the participants.
Mr. Zubair Ahmed said that there is no life for human, trees and other living nature without water. It is our duty to save much water for our upcoming generation. “We have to spread awareness about water safety,” He added.
Mussawir Khan briefed the participants about the use of social media for positive change in society.
Rubina Ibrahim, social media activist and Syeda Nida Kazmi, a civil servant also delivered presentations during the workshop.
Quetta Online Group
Quetta Online was established in 2009 by Zia Khan. Now it has grown up with its sister chapters including Balochistan Online, Nushki Online, Sibi Online, and Sui Online.
Quetta Online was awarded the best volunteer group award on International Volunteers Day in 2017.
Quetta Online has also the credit for starting the campaign for a cancer hospital in Balochistan in 2016.
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