Two months ban on fishing in Balochistan

Javed MB Baloch
The notification of two months ban of fishing in Balochistan looks like an economical ban on fishermen because The main source of economy in coastal areas is fishing. Not only the fishermen are related to this job directly but their families too even their children work with them.
In the season of summer two months are considered high tied season for sea and its known the reproduction season for fishes. Therefore, the department of fisheries issued a notification to inform all the zonal headquarters to stop and  a complete ban on fishing,
Looking many kinds of fish are being sold in the market with their eggs which is an international crime and against the protection of sea livestock.
But if these fishermen don’t go for fishing would the fishing stop? Its the more common question of them because they think if they don’t go the illegal vessel from Sindh will not stop? Who will stop them, they are more powerful and always breaking the laws, committing the crime of illegal fishing in Balochistan sea. Now, this fishing ban in season looks like its the revenge of innocent fishermen to the sea.
On the other hand, we see there isn’t any constitutional support for the local fishermen. If they don’t go to the sea for two months of long periods how they survive? What they eat?
The political parties and organization working for the rights of fishermen are demanding to lift the ban which is an economic loss for the fishermen.
Its time now the government of Balochistan and the representative must take steps to make laws about this field which is the main source of economy for coastal regions.
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