A Shocking Blackmailing Scandal Revealed in University of Balochistan

Adnan Aamir
Quetta: In a shocking revelation, a scandal has been unearthed in the University of Balochistan where students were blackmailed using their videos captured by secretly place CCTV cameras. This was confirmed by officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) while talking to ARY News and Dawn News.
As per the sources, FIA was directed to investigate the matter by Balochistan High Court a few months back. Since then FIA has investigated over 200 staff members at the University of Balochistan. All the staff in charge of Security cameras have been removed from their positions and now facing the inquiry.
According to FIA sources who talked to media, secret cameras were unlawfully installed in different locations of University, which recorded the students in compromising situations. Later the videos were used to blackmail the students, who were both male and female. Sources claimed that students were blackmailed for money and female students were also sexually harassed.
According to reports of ARY News, the university’s security branch officer and surveillance officer were taken into custody for investigation. The same report claimed that unethical video content was recovered from the staff of Vice-Chancellor of University.
Another FIA official told Urdu News on condition of anonymity that secret cameras were recovered from washrooms, which were hidden in electric switchboards. Officer added that FIA has to submit the report to Balochistan High Court by the end of this month.
Talking to ARY News Liaquat Shahwani, spokesman of the Balochistan Government, said that the provincial government will extend full cooperation to FIA for the investigations. He said that an example will be made out of the people found guilty in this matter.
Baloch Students Organization (BSO) Mengal group chairman Nazeer Baloch expressed concerns over the University of Balochistan blackmailing scandal. He demanded that an independent inquiry committee should be constituted to probe this issue, which should also include political parties and student organizations.
The spokesperson of the University of Balochistan has also confirmed that University staff are being investigated by FIA in this case.
After the revelation of this news, people took to twitter to condemn this incident and demanded justice:

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