The Ownerless Hub Chowki

Sirtaj Baloch Rakhshani 
Hub Chowki is the industrial city of Balochistan, which is situated in District Lasbela, the homeland of Chief Minister Jam Kamal. Contrary to that, the city is deprived of basic facilities, such as water supply, gas supply, and sewerage system, and lacks a well-planned infrastructure.
Recently, heavy rain lashed the city for five consecutive days due to which the city turned out to be a swimming pool. The streets, as well as the main RCD road, were filled with sewerage water due to the blockade of sewerage system. The houses and shops were filled with sewerage water. The roads were also completely filled.
The main RCD road was in a catastrophic condition. It was completely flooded with the water. The road is completely broken. Traffic jam has now become a usual problem for the inhabitants. It is also one of the reasons of accidents. The dust produced by heavy vehicles is causing severe health problems. Crossing the main RCD road has become as difficult as crossing the Pull-e-Sirat (the bridge which is to be crossed on the day of judgment, which is sharper than a sword, smoother than water and thinner than hair).
Inhabitants are facing severe problems due to this broken road and usual traffic jam. A few months ago, some robbers opened fire at a young student near Hub Bridge. After some resistance by the student, the robbers opened fire at him, leaving him seriously injured. He was being taken to Karachi, but as usual, the traffic was jammed. The family lost the precious life of the young boy in front of their eyes but couldn’t do anything. This traffic jam issue needs to be sorted out as soon as possible or else such incidents will continue to happen. Chief Minister Jam Kamal should pay attention to the plunging city.
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