The Case of Youth of Chagai

Hassan Baloch
Youth play an important role in the development of a society. Youth can bring changes and revolutions in region and countries, so being youth is not less than a blessing.
Chagai is a district in Balochistan which is full of mines and resources like minerals. The border of Chagai touches Afghanistan and Iran. Chagai is the largest district of Balochistan province. Chagai has resources like gold, copper, marble, granite, onyx, etc.
Despite these, the youth of district Chagai are deprived of their rights. The case of the youth of district Chagai is unemployment. It the biggest issue in the district. This time more than five hundred applied for 63 posts of levies sepoy BPS 7. It means that the unemployment rate is high in the district. The youth of Chagai may be involved in illegal work because of unemployment.
Youth are the source who work and provide for their families. If there is no job they may get involved in illegal work. Most of them are busy with the driving of Zamyad, a local Iranian vehicle. Through Zamyad they bring Iranian diesel from Iranian border and take the diesel to Afghanistan for a good profit. They face difficulties and during this journey, the fear of dacoits, robbers and thieves is high.  Most of the youth in Chagai lost their lives because of firing incidents and most of the youth is busy in BADUKI, a local word which means to smuggle. Many of them are smuggling drugs to Iran because of unemployment. They lost their lives on these routes because this journey is very difficult.
Chagai has all resources, but unfortunately, the projects are not running and are not functional, which is the main reason why the youth of district Chagai are deprived. Reko Diq and Saindak are the mega projects which can change the lives of the youth of Chagai. Saindak is running and many youth from the district are working and busy there, but after the Reko Diq stopped functioning, many people have become jobless.
There are many projects which are not functional. If these projects get functional, they will not go to smuggle drugs, diesel, or petrol or do any other illegal work.
The youth of Chagai requests the prime minister of Pakistan, president of Pakistan, chairman senate, chief of army staff, chief minister of Balochistan to make functional all companies, especially the Reko Diq project to counter unemployment in Chagai.
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