A Large Protest Demonstration Held Against Blackmailing Scandal in University of Balochistan

Yahya Reki
Quetta: A large protest demonstration was held against alleged blackmailing and sexual harassment of students in the University of Balochistan outside Quetta Press Club, on Wednesday.
Members of the Balochistan National Party (BNP), Students Organization, Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC), Civil society Balochistan, Women Democratic Front, University Academic Association, and others attended the protest demonstration. Protestors chanted different slogans against harassment of students in the University of Balochistan.
Protestors urged the government to take serious action against the culprits and to ensure that such heinous activities cannot be repeated in the future.

It is very sad to say that Governor Balochistan is not taking action against Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Balochistan who is his classmate – Senator Dr. Jehanzeb Jamaldini

“It is our responsibility to raise voice against such shameful acts in our cultural and tribally rich province,” said Senator Dr. Jehanzeb Jamaldini of BNP while addressing the protestors. He added that harassment of male and female students in our mother University has a matter of shame for everyone. “It very sad to say that Governor Balochistan is not taking action against Vice-Chancellor (VC) [of University of Balochistan] who is his classmate,” lamented Senator Jamaldini. He vowed to raise this matter on the floor of the Senate.
Sami Zarkoon, Convener of Civil Society Balochistan, said that it is a need of time to lift the ban from student unions in educational institutes. “VC of Balochistan University should resign from his position to ensure impartial inquiry, he demanded.
Dr. Sabeeha Baloch, representing BSAC said: “not only in the University of Balochistan but also in Bolan University of Health and Medical sciences female staff officers are being harassed and kicked-out of hostels.” She added that females are facing discrimination and black-mailing in every Field of life. Dr. She urged that it is a need of time for females to be united and raise voice against everyone who misbehaves with them.

VC of Balochistan University should resign from his position to ensure impartial inquiry, he demanded – Sami Zarkoon, Convener Civil Society Balochistan

Sadia Baloch from BSO said that it is very difficult for girls to study in such a tense environment. “Such acts deprive female students of Balochistan of education,” She said.
Baqi Jattak, representing Academic Staff Association (ASA) said that VC has converted the University of Balochistan into his empire. “VC violates decisions of the syndicate and does not listen to anyone,” He lamented. Jattak added that this scandal has brought infamy to university at the national level.
Jalila Hyder, Hameeda Hazara, Shumaila Ismail Baloch, Rubina Ibrahim Zehri and others also addressed the protestors.

Tweets by Sardar Akhtar Mengal
Earlier Today, Chief of BNP-Mengal, Sardar Akhtar Mengal criticized VC of the University of Balochistan for the blackmailing scandal in a series of tweets.

He demanded the resignation of VC University of Balochistan.

He vowed that there will be no compromise on this matter

HRCP condemns campus surveillance
The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) is concerned over allegations that elements associated with the administration at Balochistan University use campus surveillance videos – including those filmed by ‘secret’ cameras – to harass and blackmail students.
Secret cameras have no place at a university. HRCP supports those students who have called this a gross violation of their privacy and a means of coercion, and welcomes the Balochistan High Court’s decision to take suo-moto notice of the matter. The Commission also urges the university administration to identify and penalize the perpetrators.
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Yahya Reki belongs to District Chagai of Balochistan. He covers Quetta Division for Balochistan Voices. He also works as a newscaster at PTV Bolan. He is Alumni of the U.S/Pakistan Professional Partnership Program for Journalists in 2018.