Coronavirus: People Want Restoration of Mobile Internet in Balochistan

Aziz Ejaz
All the cases of coronavirus in Balochistan have been reported in the pilgrims, who recently came from Iran after performing their religious rituals. Despite these cases, there isn’t any case that got reported in the public, but amidst the insufficient and alarming strategies, it is feared that there can be a rapid increase and will spread among the masses of Balochistan, especially in Quetta, where the pilgrims are quarantined.
Meanwhile, the cases are spiking, and the government is requesting people to avoid socialization, to create social distances, to self-quarantine and public awareness campaigns to be arranged in the outskirts of the city. There came a demand from the social activists that as the virus requires social distancing amidst the situation, only the internet can be useful in spreading social awareness. But the suspension of the internet services in most of the districts like Kalat, Surab, Awaran, Turbat, and Panjgur, has created an issue in communicating with people in order to let them know what preventative measures and precautions are needed to be taken.
Most of the people especially from the districts where internet services are suspended are demanding its restoration. As far as the situation is concerned, the porous borders of district Kech and Panjgur have made the locals more prone and vulnerable to the spread of novel Coronavirus, because of the untimely actions by the administrative authorities.
Other than Panjgur and Kech having the porous borders, there was news the coastal regions Jiwani and Pasni, via the sea are being utilized by the people to enter Balochistan. An inhabitant through social media doubted the actions and blamed the Balochistan government for having failed in dealing with the plague.
The areas with suspended internet services have been greatly deprived, as it has been years the services are non-functional. In accordance with the demands of the public, the serious case of n-Covid-19 requires internet restoration for communication purposes to allow people to connect to the most updated precautionary measures. It is the responsibility of the telecommunication authorities to look at the matter and fulfill the demand of people in a very serious time like this.
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