Coronavirus Updates for Balochistan


Confirmed Cases in Balochistan: 141

Latest Updates:

Three new cases reported in Balochistan.
Ten cases of local transmission have been reported in Balochistan including four doctors.
Test results of 156 people are still pending.
370 persons are in Quarantine, 206 in Taftan, 133 in RDA Quetta and 30 in PCSIR.
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28th March:

Five more people tested positive in Balochistan.
Seven out of 138 confirmed cases are linked to local transmission of the virus.
Four doctors have also been tested positive for Coronavirus.
Results of 276 people are still awaited.

27th March:

Two new cases of Coronavirus confirmed in Balochistan.
A dental surgeon working in a government hospital was also tested positive.
Results of 275 people are still awaited.

26th March:

No new cases of Coronavirus reported in Balochistan today.
A suspected case investigated at Pishin, a sample has been taken and dispatch for PHL Quetta. Three of his contacts
quarantined at Cadet college building.
The test results of 204 people still awaited.
420 people are in quarantine in Taftan, 117 at RDA Quetta and 3 in Pishin.

25th March:

21 new cases of Coronavirus reported in Quetta.
Apex committee of Balochistan met today with CM Balochistan and Commander Southern Command in Chair.
Apex committee decided to establish checkpoints in Quetta and further tighten the lockdown.

24th March:

No new cases of Coronavirus reported from Balochistan today.
Two cases reported yesterday have proved to be cases of local transmission.
Two suspected cases of Coronavirus have been reported from the Sibi district and referred to SKBZ Quetta.
Suspected cases have also been identified in Khuzdar and Zhob.
A consignment of PCR testing kits ordered by the government of Balochistan is stuck in Dubai due to flight closure.

23rd March:

Two new Coronavirus cases reported in Balochistan today.
390 people are still in quarantine in Taftan and 50 in RDA Quetta.
The results of 186 people are still awaited.
Hospitals have been asked to provide full-scale OPD services but modified to fit the current situation requirements.
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