Finance Department Will Soon Update its Website: Secretary Finance

Quetta: Financial depart will soon updates its website and share all the relevant information to the public, said Noor ul Haq Baloch, during the latest episode of Live With Adnan Aamir.
The topic of the 6th episode of Live With Adnan Aamir was “Financial Matters of Balochistan.” Noor ul Haq Baloch, the Secretary, Financial department of Balochistan was the guest of the show. The host Adnan Aamir discussed the financial matters of Balochistan in detail with the secretary.
The host highlighted that the website of the Finance department is not updated and does not offer any information about the finances of Balochistan. “We have contracted a developed to develop a brand new website for finance department which will have real-time updates about the financial information of the province,” Baloch said during the show.
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Secretary Finance further sheds light on the various socio-economic programs which the government of Balochistan has started for the economic uplift of the province. “We are paying small loans of Rs25,000 to daily bread earners so that they can resume their livelihood after the COVID-19 recession,” He said. He added that the government of Balochistan has increased the funding for the public sector universities of the province in a bid to support them financially.
Finance Secretary also added that the Balochistan Assembly has passed the Financial Reforms Bill, which will automatically improve the financial management of the province.

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