Land Pollution in Quetta

Tilyan Aslam
Every morning when I leave home, I come across the worst form of land destruction – land pollution in Quetta city.
What hurts me the most is how inhumane, insensitive, and unaware people are about this major issue and how timidly they have taken it, and worst of all how we never take a moment to even discuss or notice this crisis which is right in front of very eyes.
While sitting on the bus one day I saw a woman eating a banana and throwing the peels on the road unaware of its aftermaths and what this insensitivity of the human race is leading us to and how bad of an influence it will be in the near or far future.
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It is heartrending for me to experience this every day because this world, this city, Mother Earth belongs to us and we have to live the rest of our lives here and we cannot live happily with good health when it’s this much polluted; full of all sorts of waste ranging from plastic bags to other toxic inorganic and organic wastes.
In a conversation one day,  I asked a fellow that why do you throw wrappers on streets and not in the garbage, I got a very weird response stating,  “I am not sure, it’s already polluted, everyone throws their wastes, why shouldn’t I?”
I was surprised hearing that from an educated person because I believe the more educated you are, the more you know your individual responsibilities towards the planet– Mother Earth.
As my social responsibility,  I am writing this piece to make every citizen who reads realize that this planet belongs to us,  we are the caretaker of it, this is our home, but if we fail to perform our duties well, to take proper care of it, to clean it, we will be so sorry in generations who have done it.
Recently there has been a great wave of change highlighting all the major crises humanity is facing such as global warming and other climate change issues, but there’s still so much to do on an individual basis.
On a Global Climate Strike in New York in 2019 Greta Thunberg, the young climate activist stated,  “ We deserve a safe future. And we demand a safe future.  Is it really too much to ask? ”
That’s what I want everyone to know. The upcoming generation deserves a safe future and if we become inhumane regarding it, we will, unfortunately, fail the world.
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