Awaran Se Yari: First new-year book published from Balochistan

With the commencement of the New Year, a new book ‘Awaran Se Yari’ (Friendship with Awaran) has been published in Balochistan. The book covers the current situation in Awaran including Historical perspectives, history, and the first literature festival held in Awaran. The book includes a reportage of Abid Meer which is based on the political, cultural, and literary discussion on Awaran.
In the second part, Shabir Rakhshani has discussed the initiative of the Balochistan Education System. Shabir Rakhshani has further looked into the current situation of the city including a retrospection of the Awaran Literature Festival. Najeeb Sair has written the preface of the book. As an addition, the book includes Khalil Roonjha’s report on Awaran Literature Festival.
Educated and literary circles have termed the book an essential work that will enable the readers to understand the political, educational, and literary background of Awaran. Particularly, the book will prove helpful for those who are keen to know about the far-flung, backward, and ignored the city.
The price of the book is 200 rupees. It’s comprised of 80 pages including pictures. Mehrdar and Ilam-o-Adab publishers Karachi have published the book collectively. The book will be available in known bookstalls of Quetta and Karachi soon.
Online Box Balochistan has started its online delivery and the book can be ordered online through the following contacts: 03333-7832323, 0335-7466580
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