Letter: Promoting Reading Culture

Reading is supposed to be an essential key for vibrating minds in order to think in a more creative and productive way. It is a conducive way to bring a positive change in society. However, given the presence of electronic devices and socializing platforms reading culture is diminishing among the students slowly and gradually.
According to a recent survey conducted by Gallup and Gillani Foundations Pakistan, only 9% of Pakistani students are supposed to be bibliophiles and 75% are not reading any books other than their syllabus. Such an astonishing result should be clear enough for waking us up. The question is that what should be done to promote reading culture among students. In my opinion, all educational sectors should introduce assignment for students related to reading books. For instance, teachers should ask students to present presentations about any kind of book or to write a review of a book. One more thing that can be done is that there should be an extra class for reading books in educational entities so that students get indulge with books more and more.
Let me share my fast-hand experience in reading books. Until before I didn’t join my language center, I didn’t use to read books except for my syllabus. But when I started my language center, I have been given books from my teacher to read and to write their reviews too as a part of my assignment. Ultimately, I started finding out reading books an exhilarating activity. By reading each book, I felt a new change in my personality. If we want to feel a positive change in our personality, we must indulge ourselves in reading books and promoting a reading culture in our society too.
Bakhtawar Rakhshani – HUB
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