Letter: Turbat Needs and Orphanage

There lies a city in Baluchistan known as Turbat, which is home to almost 213,557 people amongst whom thousands of children suffer being homeless or victimized by the people who have no other choice but to keep them. This leads the orphans under the brutal cruelty of child labor, pressures, or even child abuse. Unfortunately, their constant strive of pressurizing themselves to be intact in the same situations makes them too weak to speak up for themselves. Their fate is rendered after they are born and their lives are nothing, but grains of sand since they have no place they could call home
The mere idea of having an orphanage within the city is asserted to give them walls they could call their own. This scheme would largely help widows, jobless civilians, and even the students whose work for the orphans would pay off in their favor and a deed that the country would count on. The notion “Orphans are meant to despair” would cease to exist and they would be helped in a massive way.
However, aged people, relatives, and other poor communities could have a place for the children they are too weak to keep under their gazes with trust. They would not be pleaded guilty and have a safe place for the orphans. This would exert even greater influence over Turbat city, and oppression on the homeless would no longer exist.
The orphanage needs to be heeded on and I request the higher authorities to ascertain the completion of this task since the lives of orphans in Turbat are being afflicted each year. A pious work as such is conspicuous and hope for the generation who is too weak to stand for itself. I wish all the citizens who assent with me view the orphans and request the government of the country to take a step and muse the children who are forsaken.
Mahikan Rind – Turbat
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