Letter: Giving Chance to Younger generation for Leadership

Leadership is long thought to be within the province of elder people. With this belief, many people harbor doubts about the significance of the youth in high ranks. However, it is my personal conviction that the youth display qualities that are conducive to the health of any organization.
The first justification for why leaders and directors should be young people is that they are more technologically inclined. In the fast-changing world today, being able to keep up with the technological trend is an overwhelming advantage that young people have over their elder counterparts. It helps them to interact with customers more quickly and clearly and creates a stronger public image for the company. The young can also use technology to increase the efficiency of operation, to manage the cash flow and resources more properly. In an era when security threats are always imminent, technology also enables young leaders to protect important data and ideas away from their competitors.
What’s more, the youth possess great creativity, which can be considered one of the most important leadership qualities. It is a simple correlation that higher creativity results in greater innovation within the organization and hence more spectacular success in the long run.
In a similar fashion, when failures occur, the young with their creative capacities can come up with better solutions and in a shorter period of time.The long-standing belief that leading positions should be exclusively held by elder people has eclipsed many remarkable contributions of the youth in society. Therefore, the importance of having younger participants in top positions should not be refuted or downplayed.
M. Irfan – Hub
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