Letters: Ministers without Face Masks

During pandemic covid-19 I saw many ministers without face masks who came to different cities to give speeches.
The head of ministers, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan who came to Turbat city for a visit without wearing a face mask while giving a speech and as well as another minister, the CM of Sindh Mr. Murad Ali Shah who went to Karachi for a speech he did not wear masks during the pandemic of covid-19 and as well as some other ministers.
If they do not protect themselves and show carelessness towards the Covid-19 then how the public will follow the SOPs, being inspired by the head of the governments and surely they will not be serious about it, and it will cause more deaths in the country.
It is therefore requested to the ministers follow the SOPs kindly especially when they are facing the media.
Iqra Muhammad Jan – Gokdan, Kech
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