Letter: Happy Birthday to My Teacher

Teacher, a gem whose contribution to society is commendable. However, there are only a few of them who actually know their pivotal role and play it effectively in order to bring a positive change in society.
My English language teacher is one of those passionate teachers who not only teach students but, too, know how to make a difference in society. His contributions to his professional career are highly appreciated. The way he leads us encourages us, and guides us is something I respect the most. His positive behavior towards each student is what makes him different than all. One thing that I admire the most about him is that he never loses hope and also teaches us to do the same thing. He is a teacher who will not disgrace his students just because they couldn’t perform well in tests; in contrast, he keeps motivating us whenever we collapse in something.
While he is teaching, one can feel that he is enjoying and engaging each student in the class. I must say his energetic way of teaching inspired me to a great extent to do teaching once in life. However, today is his birthday and I wanted to let him know that he is the best teacher I have ever been taught by and we are blessed to have him as our supporter, motivator, and encourager. He means a family to us.
Bakhtawar Rakhshani – Hub
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