Letter: Impact of Domestic Conflicts on Children

The greatest need for a child is love while growing. When a child receives love and is understood well by parents and dear ones, the glow and growth are beyond measure. But unfortunately, when the same love turns into abuse and violence, the children become prey to various crises such as mental instability, social underdevelopment, and existential crisis.
It is estimated that when children are exposed to violence at home, they are at high risk for long-term physical and mental health problems. Children who witness violence between parents may also be at great risk of being violent in their future relationships.
Unluckily, in countries like Pakistan where poverty is at its peak, education and health facilities are lacking, violence is an everyday thing in many lives.  Domestic violence is an endemic social and public health issue in Pakistan. Parents, guardians, and the authorities should look into the matter very wisely.
Moreover, at home, parents should take care of how they behave with each other in front of their children. In the same token, they also need to be cautious about the ways they deal with their children because exposure to violence at an early age may harm the children and cause anxiety, depression, emotional distress, eating and sleeping disturbances.
Tilyan Aslam – Turbat
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