Rampant Deforestation of Trees

Jahan Zaib Rind
Trees play a pompous role to sustain the balanced cycle of nature. Broadly saying, they absorb carbon-di-oxide and enable fresh oxygen to homo-sapiens. De-novo they are the radical assets of the blue planet. Ironically, It is estimated that trees can mitigate the temperature in a city by up to 7c•. They also hand over manifold tools of living, shelter, and so forth to daily life.
Further, deforestation means the removal of trees for the vested interest of individuals. In short, it determines a plethora of factors over the life stander of living beings. It is hard to breathe fresh air in the persists of abundant clipping of trees. According to, an estimated report, on average of 2400 trees are cut down each minute around worldwide. So, Enhanced temperature is a far-reaching consequence.
In the language of the environment, the abysmal options of homo-sapiens will make the Earth unable to live adequately unless wiser-sober actions are taken in the said chronic matter.
In a nutshell, the desperate clipping of trees is advancing on Sariab Road Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, three days ago. No doubt, people used to sit under their shadows as well as some were engaged in earning to meet their both hands.
Add more to agony, a revered senior citizen, Haji Muhammad Rafeeq Sarparrah, narrated his views while that these trees were planted nearly 40 years ago and Sariab Road seemed to be cheerful but not now. The government should have adopted alternative means instead of cutting recklessly.
What is more surprising, the MPAs, who are sitting at the helm of affairs,  and tribal chiefs of Sariab are in a silent mood. Yet, they are enclosed to pay only lip service and they are shown at the time of the election. Though Sariab seems to be an orphan, having high strength of residents in administration.
Furthermore, the government ought to think and apologize for its dismal step. On the contrary, people are heavily castigated in charge of cutting a tree and some tend to penalty and to a death sentence in developed countries.
Additionally, the ruling party, stakeholders, and administrative individuals have to play their vital role to protect the greenery of Sariab Road and other roads either.
Meanwhile, It is also mandatory for citizens to keep their environment spin and span. they had better contribute with one another and initiate an awareness campaign about the threat to the environment.
To conclude, It is time to stand united against the clipping of trees in said city. plantation of trees should be the main priority of citizens. The government should utilize alternative channels for the construction of Sariab Road. So,  plant a tree, save Sariab.
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