Literature in Panjgur: Past and Present

Yasmeen Baloch
A person who wants to Google about Panjgur hardly ever gets an optimistic result. Panjgur has been remembered in terms of corruption, poor educational system, and lack of social and political awareness, negligence of youth, land mafia, and violent acts. On the contrary, Panjgur has also been remembered for its mesmerizing beauty, literary background and it’s particularly distinguished dates.
A city, town, or society reaches the summit of development due to its literature and culture. Neither Panjgur has been given an opportunity to unleash its hidden potentials nor have people tried to work against the rainy days of Panjgur. Whenever people have tried to bury the hatchest altogether, People have met numerous challenges at many stages. It was the medical age in Panjgur when education was newly introduced to them and everyone was crazy about getting a medical seat in Bolan Medical College. People started sending their children to Quetta for preparations and many students got appointed for medical. Medical became a trend in Panjgur which is still at its peak. There were people with reformation minds who devised to reform the society and they moved towards law, literature, bureaucracy, and media.
These departments soon got the spotlight but it became a gender issue, these departments were reserved only for males and no woman had permission to think about these professions. Soon, the trend changed, and educated parents started sending their children to other departments to break the barriers. The lawyers strengthened the legislation, bureaucrats strengthened the foundations of society and writers, poets started bringing revolution. The people who worked for literature got less importance yet they hoped against hope that they would bring changes through their writings. In those days, only aged people worked for literature and social reforms, the youth had no concern about society and literature but now the time has changed. The youth of Panjgur has realized their responsibilities, 15% of youth is contributing to literature and it is no more a gender issue. They paid heed to the core issues of the society and worked hard for the halcyon days in Panjgur.
The post-modernism age did not only change the world but it also changed the perspective of people in Panjgur. The youth in Panjgur has shown serious concern for literature and they want literature to be promoted and appreciated. The District commissioner arranged a musical show recently in Panjgur that was liked by people and many other small events have been arranged to draw the attention of people towards literature. This time the youth has toiled hard to represent Panjgur on a larger scale.
Literary Festival in Panjgur 2021
The first-ever grand literary festival was arranged in Panjgur by a committee of young people which is going to take place in Government Boys Degree College Panjgur, on 6th March.
The event includes ten sessions like Panel discussions, book inauguration, stage drama, standup comedy, poetry, musical program, book fair, art exhibition, culture exhibition, photo exhibition. The organizers and members have invited many people through Facebook and Twitter and people have given positive responses that are working as a source of motivation. Poets and writers have been invited to the festival, in order to add beauty; literary people like Mujahid Baloch, Akbar GhamShad, Ayub Baloch, Muneer Ahmed Badini, A.R Dad Baloch, Dr.Raheem Meher, and Dr.Nehmatullah Gichki. Females have also been convinced to participate and females like Hajira Qayoum, Farzana Hashim, Afsana Noor, and Nazia Aslam have put a full stop to the old resisting trends.
People have helped the members raise awareness about the event on Twitter by using #panjgurliteraryfestival. This step will gain the ground for the development of Panjgur, it will change the perspective about literature. People have seen many dark and dismal days in Panjgur and every individual has tried to bring positivity to the city to an extent but now it is about time to arrange grand steps for social reform. The fingers are crossed that this festival will put an end to the gender-biased society, gender discrimination, educational manipulation. The reformers, students, activists are sanguine that this thin end of the wedge will bring robust changes in the city and we pray that may Almighty protect Panjgur from the evil’s eyes. The public of Panjgur always tries to cleanse the Augean stables of Panjgur and it is the utmost responsibility of the authorities concerned to support the youth financially and socially to engage in such events for the betterment and development of the city. It is hoped that now Panjgur will be remembered in good books in a greater way.
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