Protest of Students Again Medical Entry Tests

Meraj Ghulam
Since I was a child, I have been listening to the fact that students are referred to the nation builders and most powerful sources across the world. But today, when I see Balochistan, I find the very fact contrary and become upset about the barbarism and chaos the students are going through. However, education is paramount for any individual and no one can be contradicted to not have this right. Furthermore, it says that students should have the right to freedom of speech, expression, and rights to receive adequate instruction, relevant quality education. While the majority of Balochistan’s students lack these rights. Recently, a huge number of students have come on the road of Quetta, protesting against the decision of the online entry test of PMC – Pakistan Medical Commission.
With the escalating cases of coronavirus in the last year, Pakistan Medical Commission announced online test replacing the in-person test and for that, it charges more than six thousand fees per student. Secondly, the conducted test was unsatisfied having irrelevant questions from different boards that were never included in the syllabus. After this violated the preparatory schedule of the students set on the basis of their syllabus, they staged protests countrywide, majorly in Quetta.
Though the student’s solidarity march was against PMC and they were doing a peaceful protest in front of the governor house in Quetta when police baton-charged the students along arresting several and took many of them into custody. Since Balochistan is an underdeveloped province of Pakistan where internet shutdown and longtime power cut have yet to be contemplated, how online testing takes place in the province? This surely violates the rights of many of the deserving candidates who may never make it possible online, following the aforementioned reasons.
Disappointingly, arrested students while talking to MPA, Mr. Sanaullah Baloch addressed that they were not the only students who were against PMC’s decision but students across the country had shown an alike spirit of aggression. Unlikely, only students in Quetta had been beaten and yet no positive response had been addressed to issues from the authorities. The attitude of the Quetta police towards students has always been very cruel and oppressive. They have never thought of students and used inhumane acts. These actions of the Quetta police are not new but it is the third time that students are being jailed.
Article no 25 says that every 5-16 years old child must be given fundamental and compulsory education. But, 22.5 million children are still out of school! These children are deprived of their basic rights. On the other hand, on a daily basis students can be seen protesting in order to get their rights. This is the contravention of the constitution. In the 21st century, only in Pakistan students are abominably suffering.
However, Balochistan with a population of 12 billion has a very limited number of medical colleges with very disturbing facilities. Students from different parts of the province rarely get a chance to come to Quetta to study. But, before availing of a medical seat, they should combat the baton-charge of police.
Oppressive demeanor against students is reprehensible. Students will never accept barbaric brutality and barbarism. No constitution allows the officials to capture students and torture them without any reason. Provincial and Federal governments must conduct an inquiry against all those officials performing their power against the rights of national students. They should make it certain that the students are no more to be considered criminals to be preferred being into custody.
The writer is an intermediate student based in Dasht, Turbat.
DisclaimerViews expressed in this article are those of the author and Balochistan Voices not necessarily agree with them.
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