The Action Shall be Taken

Mava Rajput
Eight years back I had uterus cyst removal surgery I went through the worst time and it became more worst when I witnessed an attack on healthcare providers by patient’s attendants in a well-known Hospital. It happened when an accident patient couldn’t survive and his family tortured doctors and nurses they damage hospital staff… the family wanted to have revenge they created noise and physical violence.
I was speechless this shouldn’t be the attitude of a civilized nation. This is selfish and violent. I have been in China, honestly, I never saw people fighting in hospitals or disturbing the hospital environment and whenever I compare the situation I find myself sinking deep down due to this rigidity of our people. They are not ready to accept that violence only creates violence and only love is the ultimate solution for the problems. Anyhow in our country, people need to be punished for such stuff.
They need to know that they are not the only ones in the hospital who are suffering, there are lots of families facing issues and they are not doing well. They also need rest and peace during sickness.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa healthcare service providers and facilities act 2020.
Well while I observed this situation and I thought there must be a law to control this situation and finally after 8 years I just saw Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government took action by designing the Act which may be called the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa healthcare service providers and facilities (prevention of violence and damage to property) act 2020.
According to this act if any health care provider gets prey to mental anguish or violence the accused will be punished according to the Pakistan panel code.
In this act’s section 3 it is mentioned that if violence creates any injury or death the person shall be liable to punishment. Even if the patient’s attendant gets hurt or tortured still the person will be punished by the court. However, if someone accused a person maliciously he will also be punished.
There are several responsibilities for health care providers such as they need to explain the treatment procedure to the patient, they should perform their duties honestly and they need to follow the patient’s complaints if any. They also should take appropriate measures to prevent such complaints. With an irresponsible attitude, the medical practice license would be canceled.
Also, they can address patient’s concerns in form of medical records.
Penalties would be in form of imprisonment or it can be in other forms according to the court.
I think this is the best action taken by the KPK government and we should not just appreciate it but also need to read this whole to maintain peace and violence-free environment in our healthcare centers for both patients and doctors.
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