First Anniversary of DigiMAP Commemorated with Diversity and Pluralism in Media Award

Islamabad: First Anniversary of Digital Media Alliance of Pakistan (DigiMAP) was commemorated with Diversity and Pluralism in Media Award to the journalists of DigiMAP who had reported on religious minorities, on Friday.
DigiMAP is an alliance of 11 independent digital media organizations, which was established in November last year. DigiMAP supports and practices independent online public interest journalism and digital media in Pakistan and strives to represent the rights and interests of all the socio-political and economically marginalized communities ignored by the mainstream media.
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Diversity and Pluralism in Media Award 2021 was awarded to three journalists whose stories on religious minorities were published by DigiMAP member organizations. The awards were decided by a committee of senior journalists based on a rigorous evaluation criterion, which was coordinated by Institute for Research Advocacy and Development (IRADA).
Lal Chand Malhi, Parliamentary Secretary on Human Rights, was the chief guest of the event. He appreciated the reporting carried out by DigiMAP member organizations on religious minorities. “I also have a journalism background and I understand the importance of digital media in ensuring accurate and humane reporting about religious minorities in Pakistan,” He said.
Sabookh Syed, the Chairman of DigiMAP, shed light on the importance of independent digital media. “Today is an important milestone in the journey of our nascent alliance and it will shape up a new framework for media in Pakistan.” He said that applications are open for membership in DigiMAP and new membership in high numbers is expected in the alliance.
Fatima Razzaq from Sujag won the first position, Asma Ghani from the Reporters got the second position and Syra Rashid from IBC Urdu got the third position in Diversity and Pluralism in Media Award 2021. Lal Chand Malhi awarded shields, certificates and prize money to all three award winners.
Adnan Rehmat, country representative of International Media Support (IMS), Aftab Alam, Executive Director of IRADA, Haroon Rashed the editor of Independent Urdu and Shazia Meboob finance Secretary of DigiMAP also addressed the gathering. Adnan Aamir, the General Secretary of DigiMAP hosted the program.
The event ended with a cake cutting ceremony to mark the first anniversary of DigiMAP.
Fatima Razzaq (Sujag) won the first position
Asma Ghani (The Reporters) won the second position

Syra Rashid (IBC Urdu) won the third position
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