Jaffarabad: Under Man-Made Catastrophe

Nazish Hussain
Floods have affected everyone, including the majority of residents of district Jaffarabad. They lost their houses, yet they continue to fight for the people and the residents of their hometown.
The Jaffarabad district, tehsil Gandakha, and surrounding villages, including Usta Muhammad City, have experienced flooding in the past three years, but this isn’t a flood like  2010, this year’s flood was particularly destructive. People did not experience as many issues or as many fatalities in the previous flood as they did this time.
It is Deputy Commissioner Jaffarabad’s fault that this catastrophe occurred. People experienced severe difficulties and lost their homes. Irrigation Department was stopped with mala-fied from patrolling and doing their mandated job. Those who were affected were cut off; they were unable to escape. They restricted people’s access in order to save land, water, and crops. The main roads of the district were destroyed to stop the evacuation of the people.
The deputy commissioner arrived with military officers on one day in half a month. Nobody saw him again in Jaffarabad after that. More than 200 people are currently trapped in six to twenty feet of water outside Baghhead. They are trapped inside trolleys, with no one coming to their aid. They have not received any type of assistance. Boats have not been provided. More than 200 people have died up to the Jhal Magsi belt.
Deputy Commissioner along with the local influential people created a bigger catastrophe to gain funds there was no flooding in that area where a fake tent was set up on a petrol pump and the prime minister came and they showed how he came to help the people of Jaffarabad. The water had reached the homes of those involved in the drama by the time they returned home. That water came from the rivers Moola, Balan, Tonsa, Ghughi, and Nari Bank, and when the checkpoint was cut, the water entered the interior nari area. Millions are stranded in Baghhead, Baktel, and Tehsil Gandakha.
The commissioner is also aware of this, as are all of the secretaries. They staged this drama in order to raise funds for Jaffarabad. All funds should be made available for Jaffarabad because the banks of the Kirthar Canal and its sub-branches have dozens of cracks in them. People who were stranded could go anywhere; Quetta, Karachi, or anywhere else. This flood has impacted millions of people. Individuals are assisting themselves. People have not received government relief funds.
There should be a large-scale probe against Deputy Commissioner Jaffarabad, who caused so many people to become homeless and so many people to die. There is no flood that compares to the Tori Dam, but this time the deputy commissioner’s damage to the people is significant. Two people were bitten by snakes, and there was no hospital nearby. For medical attention, there was no access to Gandakha or Usta Muhammad. They couldn’t go because of the road cut. Twenty-one people were carried on (KHAT) over Saifullah Shakh, including children, but no boats were provided. Their homes had been flooded. They were rescued by the people, and they were on the verge of death.
The assistant commissioner was rendered helpless and was given a machine to remove the water. He pleaded with the people of the city. He did everything he could.
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