Zahir Shah Panel will Protest on the Arrival of FIFA and AFC Delegation to Pakistan

Press Release
Islamabad: On the occasion of the arrival of the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) and Asian Football Confederation (AFC) delegation to Pakistan, there will be a press conference on January 16 and a protest demonstration on January 17 in Lahore under the auspices of Zahir Shah Panel for the early holding of football elections in Pakistan.
The anxiety in the football community against the postponement will be highlighted by the panel.
On the occasion of the FIFA and AFC delegations’ arrival in Pakistan, no football stakeholders have been invited so the delegation could not become aware of the real situation. The real stakeholders of football are the people associated with the club level who are developing footballers of the future.
The Zahir Shah Panel believes that Haroon Malik’s job is to conduct the election and not to extend his tenure through delay tactics and unnecessary tournaments. He is using the Connect program to delay the election further by making the program very complicated.
Khalil Sarparrah of the Zahir Shah panel claims that after taking possession of the Football House, Haroon Malik announced to hold elections as soon as possible. “There is video evidence of this commitment made by Haroon Malik,” said Sarparrah.
Zahir Shah’s panel claims that if they were not allowed to meet the FIFA AFC delegation then there will be a strong protest against it, all the responsibility of which will be on Haroon Malik’s group.
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