Reimagine and Restructure to Retain Valuable Talent

Press Release
S&P Global and Nutshell Group recently collaborated on a webinar titled ‘Career Development: Creating a Path for Employee Growth and Retention.’
The webinar brought together leading corporate executives and HR experts to discuss the impact of technological advancements and organizational changes on workplace relationships. The discussion revolved around the ideal culture of a workplace that is continuously evolving, making it critical for organizations to redesign and rethink their work structures to retain their best talent.
In his opening remarks, Mujeeb Zahur, Managing Director, S&P Global, stated that the company spends its energies on developing clear goals, embracing continuous learning, networking strategically, seeking feedback, and proactively developing leadership skills across the team. He further mentioned that S&P Global has won numerous awards, including the Best Place to Work in 2019 and Gold Award Top IT Exporter 2016-2018. These awards have helped in the evolution of the company as a people-centric organization. Mujeeb added, “S&P Global is also taking part in Corporate Responsibility, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives, that include training of the female workforce. Under the Million Women Mentorship (MWM) program in collaboration with U.S.-Pakistan Women’s Council, we have trained over 15,400 women for various STEM-related skills. Our target is to train 20,000 women, and we hope to achieve it soon.” Talking of technologies, Mujeeb mentioned S&P Global’s platform ‘Edge’ as a new venue for team members. Edge offers enterprise learning to the team, offering courses ranging from personal and professional skills to industry hot topics and people leader development programs.
The webinar opened many perspectives on the increasing need for retention and growth and how closely it is linked to leadership dynamics. Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, SAP, emphasized the role of leadership, saying, “The overall phenomenon around workplaces has changed, and the employees know exactly what to demand from the organization they wish to work for.” He also insisted on a conducive ecosystem to retain talent and reduce the brain drain in Pakistan.
The dialogue on the theme of the webinar was moderated by Al-Karim Hassan, Chief Strategy Officer, MAK Technology, UAE, and the panelists included Wasif Rizvi, President, Habib University; Fatima Asad-Said, Chief Executive Officer, Abacus Consulting Technology Limited; Tanzeela Hussain, Global HR Business Partner, British Council; Muhammad Rizwan Dalia, Chief People Officer, K-Electric; and Shahrukh Masood, Group Director Human Resources & Corporate Communication, Martin Dow Group.
In the concluding round, the panelists highlighted the importance of critical thinking and empathy, the value of DEI at the workplace, the potential of employees to drive change and manage stakeholders, and the benefit of transparency and connectivity with employees.
The webinar was a great success, with valuable inputs and thoughts coming in from all speakers and panelists.
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