SAP Extends Partnership with Imtiaz Supermarket for Seamless Operations

Press Release
Islamabad: Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director SAP, Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, has said that the provision of better and timely services is being ensured, owing to SAP’s seamless modern technology and software in public and private institutions in Pakistan.
He said this with regard to the recent collaboration between SAP and Imtiaz Supermarket, Pakistan’s biggest retail company, to continue uninterrupted business and operations.
Saquib Ahmad said that there has been a visible improvement in the quality of public services and the provision of services, within Pakistani government institutions, which are being facilitated by SAP software.
Regarding the partnership between Imtiaz Supermarket and SAP, Saquib Ahmad said, “This is a key accomplishment for SAP in the retail and FMCG industry. Partnering with Pakistan’s fastest-growing superstore chain has been a milestone for us.” He added that SAP aims to make life easier for its customers.
While Imtiaz started off as a small corner shop, it has grown into a retail giant, earning the title of the fastest-growing retail chain in Pakistan. With massive sales and a huge customer base, it has almost 14,000 employees, serving 850K+ customers across Pakistan, through 26 branches across Pakistan.
Ashar Zahid, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Imtiaz Supermarket, said that SAP’s one-stop solution has helped in providing convenience to customers through savings schemes and improving the quality of services with error-free services. This has been made possible through the connection of 26 stores to an automated alert system for integrated inventory, payroll, shelving, and quality check.
According to an agreement between, German technology giant SAP and Imtiaz Supermarkets, SAP is providing a one-stop solution that will cover core modules such as finance, costing, material management, and sales, but also specialized modules for retail management. Along with doing this, it will also develop a comprehensive strategy in conjunction with Point of Sale (POS) systems.
“Imtiaz Supermarket has become the fastest-growing retail chain in Pakistan due to strategic technology implementation. It also plans to expand globally, where SAP will play an integral role in its regional and global expansion”, said a statement.
SAP Pakistan has strengthened its relationship with its customers by providing end-to-end solutions that work seamlessly. Digital transformation is fundamental to SAP and customers value the fundamental changes that SAP makes to grow businesses.
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