Kuchloos Who Matter the most

My venomous friend Cobra is often at odds with Kuchloos. However grounded his hatred may be, Kuchloos are an integral part of any kind of working environment. Both private and government offices are partially run because of them.
My friend Cobra’s objections are valid and credible. Cobra objects to the nature of work that kuchloos do 24/7. Once Cobra met me. He was at high octane after a masi had forwarded a complaint to him. With a venomous tone, Cobra told me that the masi, whose assignment is to do jharoo pooncha in the private office where Cobra is currently employed, told him that one of the kuchloos had started to reach office as early as dusk fell, and did all the jharoo pooncha himself. Masi also told Cobra that then she had the only option to sit with the kuchloo later and take a cup of tea. Even kuchloo paid for her breakfast.
Cobra raised this issue and protested to the boss, but he was told that he could also have the option of doing jharoo pooncha if he was comfortable with it. When I asked Cobra about the outcome of his struggle, he said it was a very simple outcome. Masi’s salary is added to the kuchloo’s now, and masi is jobless.
I think, you know, Cobra is bewakoof. He is unable to do a simple job which kuchloos pleasantly do. What Cobra has to do is wait in front of the office gate and carry the most ‘delicate’ and ‘light’ documents that the boss brings with him every day. Just has to lift those ‘delicate’ documents before the boss disembarks from his ‘luxurious’ vehicle. See, how simple this job is. Cobra is nalaik. This is just to hold on to some important and ‘delicate’ documents, but sometimes the boss might bring a ‘suitcase’. It is not that much heavy either.
But Cobra’s concerns keep increasing. With the introduction of remote work – thanks to the post-pandemic phenomenon – kuchools are excelling in their work. However, the nature of work is a bit different. In physical terms, the kuchloos need to be present to help bosses carry the ‘delicate’ documents or the ‘suitcase’, while the remote work needs kuchloos to defend the ‘delicate’ information that ‘delicate’ documents mention in case someone opposes that on social media.
I told Cobra at least the remote job is an easy peasy ‘lemon squeezy’ job he could masterly handle. I shared some benefits of the remote job. First, it needs Cobra to be active on social media to see who is criticizing the boss. Second, even he doesn’t need to spend on expensive supplement milks like Ensure which kuchloos take weakly to stay energetic to continue their job. Cobra is quite dheet, bhai. He is unflinching. Now even he wants to change the meaning of democracy. He told me he had proposed Donald Trump the new definition: “Rule of kuchloos, by kuchloos, for kuchloos.” But to his unfortunate, Donald Trump is under trial currently.
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