Mastung: Rainfall Exposed Flawed Sewerage System

Deedag Baloch
Mastung: Rainfall in Mastung has exposed the flawed sewerage system in Mastung city.
Sewerage drains have over-spilled resulting in creating all roads of Mastung city into foul smelling drains.
People cannot walk from their homes to shops and Mosques due to flow of sewerage water in streets of Mastung city.
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Cracks have appeared in the roads of Mastung city due to continuous flow of rainwater.
Rainwater has mixed up with sewerage flow in Killi Muhammad Shahi, Behram Shahi, Killi Khowsam and Chandi road areas and it has created problems for pedestrians.
Reportedly, sewerage lines are unable to absorb the rain water due to lack of timely cleanliness in them.
PTCL cables and water supply pipelines have also choked the flow of water in drains and further exacerbated the problem.
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