Surab: Open Cheating Exposed in Matriculation Exams

Surab: A journalist has exposed open cheating in Matriculation exams in a center of Surab, learnt Balochistan Voices.
On Thursday, a senior journalist visited examination center in who were involved in open cheating.
Journalist wanted to record the cheating on camera but he was prevented by the superintendent of the center and his staff.
Reportedly, journalist was manhandled in the center and his camera was snatched from him and he was forced out of the center.
This incident has appeared in the backdrop of the anti-cheating campaign started by Balochistan government along with the education enrollment campaign.
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Government has notified dozens of team that will visit and inspect different examinations centers all over the province.
However the case of open cheating in Surab has put question marks on the effectiveness of anti-cheating campaign in the province.
Students of Surab have appealed to Chief Minister of Balochistan and Minister of Education to take serious action against those involved in cheating and take action against the examination staff in Government High School Hatiyari Gidar, Surab.
People have also demanded from the government that implementation of section-144 must be ensured in and around examination centers to prevent mass cheating.

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