Analysis of PDM Rally in Quetta

Adnan Aamir
Pakistan Democratic Movement, an alliance of 11 opposition parties, will hold its power show in Quetta tomorrow.
Balochistan Voices analyzes the PDM rally of Quetta in seven points:
1) Three political parties in this gathering – PML-N, National Party, and PKMAP – were the ruling coalition in Balochistan from 2013 to 2018. Their track record was not satisfactory during their tenure. It will be difficult for them to draw in the public as opposition leaders.
2) PML-N, which was in government in the center (2013-18), completely ignored the development of Balochistan. Balochistan was left out from the early harvest projects of CPEC in the PMLN government. PKMAP and National Party were coalition partners of the PML-N and they overlooked how the development of Balochistan was being ignored.
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3) The PDM gathering in Quetta will also be attended by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. two years ago, PPP helped bring down the coalition government of Balochistan in an undemocratic manner and paved the way for the establishment of the king’s party, BAP. With this track record, PPP also does not stand on a high moral pedestal while attending PDM’s Quetta show.
4) PDM’s Quetta gathering has the support of JUI-F and BNP. They were in opposition during the last tenure as well. They can play the opposition card with a certain degree of justification. However, they are not at the steering wheel of PDM, PPP, and the PML-N which are calling the shots.
5) PDM power show in Quetta will not be about the problems of Quetta and Balochistan. PDM will largely focus on the confrontation narrative between major political parties and the establishment. In that sense, the PDM rally in Quetta will not address the problems of people in Balochistan.
6) Historically, Quetta has always been the first choice of opposition movements because of Balochistan’s deprivation narrative. However, when the opposition parties join the govt they completely ignore Balochistan. The same is expected from PDM.
7) The best way to counter PDM gathering is to prioritize the development needs of Balochistan. PTI and its allies should provide Balochistan what the PML-N and its allies failed to provide during their government. This can be the best response to the PDM show in Quetta.
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