Experts See a Massive Growth in Pakistani Online Shopping after Corona Pandemic Effects

Online shopping in Pakistan has been in trend for more than a decade now, but it never showed such massive growth before now. It has been almost half a year that the world has been affected by the coronavirus, and such a minute creature that can’t even be seen with the naked eyes has shaken the entire world. It has changed the way we ate, learned, shopped, or even sleep. People now rely on the web options way too much and it has both pros and cons. However, the pros outweigh the cons, so it’s good for us!
According to the surveys conducted by both local and foreign experts, there is a massive growth in e-commerce businesses in Pakistan after the corona pandemic effects. The main reason for this is that the country had been locked down for a good two months, and people had no other options for shopping other than online stores. Therefore, they solely relied on web buying, and even those who didn’t trust it earlier explored some reliable options and are now keen to buy online. That makes a huge population and it created a green signal for e-commerce businesses. It’s the best opportunity they have ever had or will ever have; that’s why they made the most of it and worked hard during this time. As a result, online shopping boomed at a never-ending pace and is expected to rise even more.
The survey showed that digital marketing created 78,000 new jobs in the e-commerce world. Some of them are online jobs while others are in-house or need physical work. However, even it needs you to step out; you should do it with care and take all the precautionary measures like wearing a face mask and gloves and using a hand sanitizer. Since prevention is better than cure and it’s an unusual condition we are living in, you must not be lenient in taking precautions. Furthermore, the figure is expected to rise to 1.5 million if it continues at the same pace (that is expected to grow even more in real).
The experts further added that despite such massive growth, Pakistan still lags behind other countries such as China. The reason for this is it needs some more advancement in their telecommunication and logistics services. Both these areas are at their best in China, so they created millions of opportunities for their people. When it’s a calamity for a lot of people, it has also served as a blessing for a huge number of people.
Some of the online stores such as Getnow, HomeShopping & Buyoye worked really well during the corona pandemic. By ensuring timely delivery (with slight delays that were inevitable due to lockdown and current situation) and offering quality products, these stores have been successful in gaining people’s trust. Even those who preferred brick and mortar shops back then, now like to buy from online shopping stores.
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