Girl Kicking the Narrow-mindedness of Society

Nabila Malik Haya
Since corona came into our lives and disturbed our lives completely, each positive thing that occurs in our toxic environment motivates us to forget all the damages, and build some positive vibes for the future, to create some good room in mind and freshens the soul,
A picture of a girl kicking a football is one of them.
Sometimes the social media proves itself positivity and rightly for its users, at least did this time to show us the picture that was taken in the ground of  Waziristan and made our day, that we received it in social media, sitting far far away. Twitter users heartily started commenting on the picture, most of them didn’t even know her name but we’re happy to see Waziristan glowing, Asma hafiz is the student of class three, the energetic soul, the future of Waziristan.
The social media users in Pakistan commented on the picture that the picture itself is breaking the stereotype that Pashtoon female is not allowed to get an education and take part in healthy activities in the Waziristan. One of them said that  “Inspirational & powerful image, full of hope for a better future. The girl is not only kicking the ball but the orthodoxical mindset which places women inferior to men. This image shows what the future holds for people of war-torn Waziristan”. The other said the girl is not kicking the football but all the barriers that stoping them from their rights and kicked the  Nero mind-set.
the ground of Waziristan made us all smile and helped us to forget the hectic day tension. girl in the picture is a  slap in the faces of those who still believe that female has a certain role and can’t be equal to man, the picture is a slap to those who believe that their Izat  and namoos will get damage if they let daughters and girls participate in the healthy activities.
Different approaches on a single picture
Waziristan  “land of the Wazir” is a mountainous region covering the former FATA agencies of North Waziristan and South Waziristan which are now districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Waziristan covers some 11,585 square kilometers. The area is populated by ethnic Pashtuns.
Waziristan was famous among Pakistani’s for negative news most of the time and was called the most dangerous place on earth. However the time is changed,  their struggle might come to an end, now Peace can be seen clearly in the picture. The children can go to school and has the freedom to play is itself is proof of a healthy environment.
Coming towards the next point which is gender. The difference between gender and sex is that the letter refers only to biological differences.
But the society especially Pashtoon and Baloch expects males and females to adopt, believe in, and fulfill specific gender roles,  Generally, males are expected to be strong, independent, and athletic, whereas females are expected to be quiet, obedient, attractive, and nurturers. When these gender norms are violated, it is common for labels to be given, questions to be asked.
But change has witnessed in one of the rural areas of Pakistan,  no doubt there are gaps and the large numbers of girls are out of school, the enrollment of girls in the school is very less compared to their strength. Injustice is still common against women but at least we have such energies to believe that change will come. Who knows what this girl will become in the future, the world no  1 Pernille Harder, the no 2  Vivianne Miedema, or Dr. Hajar Abdulfazl. Whoever she becomes we believe she will be spreading smiles and happiness among us.
But the Asma has fear, fear of not getting an Education as Waziristan has the highest girls dropout rate in the region. According to the Dawn report, The dropout rate in the militancy-affected North Waziristan district is 63pc (73pc among girls), which is the highest among the seven districts’
 We don’t have girls high school in our village, I am studying in co-education and I have to leave the school after 6 class, I request the Government for High school the little angel expressed this on independent Urdu channel and asked the government to make her education possible.
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