Letter: Curse of Cheating in Exams

Cheating in board exams is very common in Pakistan and the students have cheated frequently in the present or recent exams of matriculation and intermediate in Balochistan.
When they are attempting the test, they openly use mobiles, books, notes and other materials for cheating. The government of Balochistan is asleep and no splendid steps are being taken against those who cheat in the examination. Students cheat without any fear in the board exam and they also have the support of their own class teachers to cheat.
Moreover, Cheating in exams spoils the bright future of the students and leave them towards a gloomy future. If any student cheats for gaining good grade it means that they themselves are destroying their futures and brilliant dreams.
By the help of cheating they can gain good grades but they can’t gain knowledge and can’t be knowledgeable person or citizens. Due to cheating mostly the students pass their Masters but they are unemployed because they don’t have knowledge and just have a degree so it doesn’t work everywhere.
On the other hand, In Balochistan the education system is not playing critical role due to poor education system. The government of Balochistan is requested to take stern steps to improve the education system and eradicate cheating. For the eradication of cheating our government must provide the basic opportunities to all colleges and schools where students should gain knowledge without any educational deplorability.
Munaj Gul Muhammad – Turbat
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